Lifeline Secures contract to supply major MOD vehicle project

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Latest MSA Regulation Changes

For the 2018 season the MSA blue book features a significant regulation change which effects fire extinguishers fitted into competition vehicles. To directly quote the blue book ‘All extinguishers must be serviced in accordance with the manufacturers guidelines, or every 24 months, whichever is sooner.’ The purpose of this article is to clarify this regulation change, outline the implications for the systems already in service and offer alternatives to competitors who have system which are out of date.

Latest MSA Regulation Changes

Lifeline secures contract to supply major MOD vehicle project

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Lifeline secures contract to supply major MOD vehicle project

Lifeline secures contract to supply major MOD vehicle project


Lifeline Fire and Safety Systems of Coventry has announced it will be supplying fire suppression systems for the forthcoming Foxhound Light Protected Patrol Vehicle to be used by the British Army.

Working with Force Protection Europe, which is building the new Foxhound for the MOD, Lifeline has designed two systems which protect the occupants and engine bay of the vehicle in the event of fire. A 2-unit 2.25kg Zero 360® extinguisher system protects the engine bay and a 2.25kg Zero 360® unit ensures protection for the crew area. This unique gaseous compression discharge system, adapted from an off-the-shelf Lifeline motorsport version, deploys automatically in less than 60 milliseconds from the first detection of fire, using UV and IR linear heat detection techniques.

In conjunction with Force Protection Europe and its automotive partner, Ricardo, Lifeline made a detailed analysis of the areas to be protected, to overcome critical packaging issues, ensuring the optimum solution was achieved. Jim Morris, managing director of Lifeline, acknowledges the part played by the Motorsport Industry Association (MIA) in securing the deal: “As members of the MIA, we are in no doubt that the Association’s Motorsport to Defence initiative set up in 2007 has been a major factor in our securing this contract. By exposing MOD contractors to the techniques and products being developed in the motorsport arena, a number of MIA members have secured ongoing MOD contracts.”

Lifeline already work with motorsport’s governing body, the Federation Internationale d’Automobile Foundation (FIA), in creating higher standards of fire suppression for all forms of motorsport and the new system chosen for the Foxhound is a direct descendant from Lifeline’s top motorsport products.

This prestigious new contract follows others that Lifeline has secured in the defence sector and represents a significant increase in its output which has been further boosted by the recent launch of other motorsport safety products.

Lifeline Fire and Safety systems is based in Coventry, UK and has a worldwide network of distributors whose contact details can be found on the Lifeline website

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Lifeline Secures contract to supply major MOD vehicle project