Zero 2000 FIA 4.0ltr Electric

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Zero 2000 FIA 4.0ltr Electric

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For touring and rally cars there is no better foam-based system. Distributing 2.0ltr of extinguishant to the engine through two nozzles and 2.0ltr of extinguishant to the cockpit through two nozzles. This system uses only the finest components in both its construction and comprehensive installation kit. 



Lifeline Zero 2000 systems are constructed using only the finest materials and are supplied complete with all of the components required for a professional installation. It performed supremely well in engine fire tests, and thus has full compliance with MSA, FIA and SCCA requirements. 
Lifeline's range of FIA certified systems have been homologated by the FIA for use in International motorsport and has been awarded the homologation numbers EX.002.98 and EX.020.05. The FIA homologation requires that the systems be tested to the FIA standard for plumbed in fire systems. These tests were witnessed by the British Standards Institute and MSA.

Electric systems are activated by pressing a strategically mounted momentary push button. Using a military specification actuator to detonate the extinguisher, the actuator extends a steel pin upon activation breaking a frangible seal in the neck of the cylinder and thus discharging the contents. All electrical systems have their own independent power supply called a power pack that has facilities for checking the battery strength and circuit continuity as well as giving a visible indication that the system is armed.

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Kit Includes

  • Power Pack (x 1)
  • Cockpit Switch (x 1)
  • External Switch (x 1)
  • Plug & Lead (x 2)
  • Zero 2000 Nozzle (x 4)
  • 10mm Equal T Connector (x 3)
  • 10mm Tube (x 5m)
  • Pipe Clip (x 5)
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Zero 2000 FIA 4.0ltr Electric