Automatic Fire Systems

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Automatic Fire Systems

Lifeline offers a range of automatic fire extinguishers designed for all types of transportation and industrial applications. These systems have the same quality and attention to detail as our range of motorsport systems. We offer two main types of extinguishers, either AFFF Foam or ABC/Monex dry powder.

Using either ABC or Monex BC powder these self-powered systems are available in two sizes, 1 & 3 kg. They are ideal for isolated or unmanned risks. The system is mounted above the potential risk and activated at 68 Deg C. Upon detection a rapid discharge is initiated and the contents are deposited on the hazard.

Using either AFFF Foam, ABC or Monex powder these electrically operated systems are available in many different sizes up to 9.0litres or 9.0kg. Powered by Lifeline's patented battery operated extinguisher valve these systems are totally stand-alone and maintenance free.

Using a fusible link as the detection medium these systems can be mounted remotely from the fire risk delivering the extinguishing medium through strategically placed nozzles and pipe work.

As an option a manual override can also be fitted.

Data Sheet - ABC Automatic (click here)
Data Sheet - ABC Automatic Ceiling Mounted (click here)
Data Sheet - Foam Automatic (click here)
Data Sheet - Monnex BC Automatic (click here)
Data Sheet - Zero 360 Automatic (click here)
Data Sheet - Protectowire (click here)
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Lifeline is able to offer bespoke cylinders to optimise cylinder packaging. Cylinders can also be fitted with pressure switches so that an audible or visible warning can be given when the system is activated.


There are currently no products in the Automatic Fire Systems section, we are constantly adding and updating to our product listings.




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Automatic Fire Systems