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With a comprehensive range of Motorsport Safety products and a proven track record of absolute quality and complete reliability, Lifeline is the industry’s trusted partner in safety. It is no surprise, therefore, that our products have won awards and received accreditations from the world’s leading authorities and governing bodies.

  1. Winner of the “Most Innovative Product of the Year” award at the 2008 World Motorsport Symposium.
  2. Winner of the MIA “Small Business of the Year” award in 2007.
  3. Winner of the MIA “New Markets” award in 2012, for successful diversification into the defence sector.
  4. Lifeline is ISO9001 accredited.


Frequently Asked Questions

Our FAQs sections is a good place to start. When we get asked new questions, we post a new FAQ with the answer. You can get all the latest FAQs for the industries we work with, Motorsport and Armoured Vehicles, as well as by product line, Fire Suppression, Quick release steering bosses, Mirrors, Roll Cage Padding, and LED Rain Lights.

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Servicing and Support

Lifeline provides a total fire extinguisher service and support facility for our customers with a comprehensive list of agents around the world.

Lifeline uses only the finest quality components both in the unit and the installation kit supplied with each system. Lifeline extinguisher products are environmentally acceptable and only require servicing every two years.

This 2-year service cycle is an important part of ensuring that equipment is kept in the best possible condition and ready to protect.


Criteria to become a Lifeline dealer

  1. Established and reputable motorsport company that demonstrates good sales potential
  2. On event support for either race or rally events
  3. Well connected in your region with teams and series organisers
  4. Purchase an initial stock order
  5. Have a current website and regular marketing activity
  6. Not in an area already covered by an existing dealer
  7. Not conflicting with existing dealers
  8. Provide two trade references


Companies that are successful in becoming a dealer can expect a preferential discount rate.

All requests will be assessed individually. Dealerships will be granted at our sole discretion.


Become a service agent

Dealers can also become Lifeline service centres if they meet the following criteria:

  1. Workshop space
  2. Mechanical experience
  3. An investment in tooling
  4. One day foam and gas training at Lifeline, UK



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