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    Engine Bay Fire Suppression

    Effective, robust, simple to install and maintain Lifeline has a range of solutions for engine bay Fire suppression.

    Having 25 years of experience to draw from Lifeline has tested and field proven systems that can suit every application for example:

    • Security/Humanitarian Vehicle
    • Heavy Goods Vehicle
    • Armoured Vehicle

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    Compression Discharge Fire Suppression

    This system is designed to quickly flood the area with highly effective 3M Novec 1230 extinguishant. The unique design ensures it can operate in any orientation. Available in 2.0kg and 3.0kg sizes.

    For applications that require more a more rapid response Lifeline Engine Bay system delivers Novec 1230 Extinguishant directly to the Engine Bay via a fixed or remote nozzles, combined with manual or automatic activation, the system deploys to flood-fill the engine bay area of the vehicle within a matter of seconds. The gold standard in fire suppression the remote charge engine bay systems is fitted to the British Armies entire fleet of foxhound armoured vehicles.

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    700-0000-063 - Fire Extinguisher

    Stored Pressure Engine Bay Suppression.


    Developed specifically fire lightly armored 4x4 vehicles Lifeline offers a cost-effective engine bay kit that uses simple parts while still delivering an extremely effective suppression system.

    Simple to install and maintain, this lightweight system is budget friendly and perfect for security/police/humanitarian vehicles requiring engine bay suppression.

    The image on the left represents a standard layout but bespoke configurations are available.


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