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    How do I get my Lifeline extinguisher system serviced?

    To be eligible for competition use, according to the FIA Standard for Plumbed-in Fire Extinguisher Systems in Competition Cars your homologated extinguishers should be serviced every 2 years, either by the manufacturer or their agent.

    If your system is due for service, you can send the system back to Lifeline or your local approved agent, a list of which can be found here. Lifeline strongly recommends that you use it's global network of service agents to have your bottle serviced. Each agent has completed a training course and works from Lifeline's standard procedures ensuring that you receive a high quality service wherever you choose.

    Before returning your system for service please check the Technical Bulletin in the link below to ensure that your system is eligible for service.

    TB001 - System Care, Maintenance & Servicing

    Our servicing lead time is typically 1-2 weeks from receipt of payment, but lead times can be longer during busy periods.

    If you cylinder requires a service, please keep this in mind when preparing for your event.

    Lifeline has a number of service agents set up across the UK & the rest of the world who are on hand to assist you with recertifying your Lifeline extinguishers. Click here to find your local service agent.

    For any questions relating to servicing, please contact 

    Also when returning an extinguisher please fill out our returns form in the link below and attach it to the box.


    Extinguisher Returns Form

    At the start of 2018 Motorsport UK started off the process of introducing the FIAs Standard for Plumbed-in Fire Extinguisher Systems in Competition Cars, below is some clarification on this ruling.


    The Regulation

    Up until 01/01/2018 the MSA was unique in that the service of the plumbed in fire suppression systems was only ever a recommendation, anyone who has had the opportunity to race on the continent will know that this is not the case and 2 yearly services are widely enforced in Europe. Enforcing mandatory services is first step by the MSA is part of the phasing in of FIA homologated fire suppression systems. From 01/01/2019 all new vehicles will require and FIA Homologated system from FIA technical list 16 or 52 and from 01/01/2022 all vehicles are required to be fitted with such a system. In anticipation of this all manufactures of MSA type systems have ceased manufacture of this type of system.


    What does this mean for the current MSA systems in service?

    As long as the systems has been serviced to the manufacturers requirements then the system is compliant until 2019 for new cars or 2022 for existing cars. If the MSA system is outside of its service life, then it is a good opportunity to install an FIA approved system to ensure that the vehicle is future proofed for the coming regulation change in 2019 through to 2022.


    What is an FIA Homologated system?

    All of the Motorsport fire suppression systems that Lifeline manufacture are FIA homologated, so what are the options available to competitors. The Zero 2000 range filled with AFFF are cost effective and now with Lifeline’s latest development in misting nozzles technology are more effective than ever at knocking fires down. If space and weight are a premium in the vehicle then the Zero 360 range is the perfect option, filled with Novec TM 1230 the Zero 360 range features some of the lightest and most compact systems available today. 

    Need help choosing an extinguisher system check this out.

    DOWNLOAD TB001 - System Care, Maintenance and Servicing Technical Bulletin