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We deal with a diverse customer base from end users of our products through to Motorsport manufacturers, armoured vehicle manufacturers, and competition parts resellers. This page will help to direct you to the most relevant signposting page that explains the best way for you to enquire about our products and get support.

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End users, owners, drivers, and Motorsport teams

Own a competition vehicle and want to stay up to date and to have access to the latest Lifeline products and news?


Read more at our End users, owners, drivers, and Motorsport teams signposting page



Motorsport vehicle manufacturers

Are you looking for the most advanced Motorsports safety technology available? Professional service with Global support from the Champions of Safety.


Read more at our Motorsport vehicle manufacturers signposting page



Armoured vehicle manufacturers

Featured on the everything from police cars to main battle vehicles Lifeline fire suppression is fast acting, effective and easy to integrate into any vehicle platform.


Read more at our Armoured vehicle manufacturers signposting page



Competition parts resellers

With a comprehensive range of Motorsport Safety products and a proven track record of absolute quality and complete reliability, Lifeline is the industry’s trusted partner in safety. It is no surprise, therefore, that our products have won awards and received accreditations from the world’s leading authorities and governing bodies.

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Read more at our Competition Parts Resellers signposting page