Frequently Asked Questions


Will My Extinguisher meet the latest Regulations?

Here are the general requirements for competition vehicles under the current FIA regulations, some series enforce requirements specific to that champi...


What extinguisher system would you recommend for my race car?

All of the Motorsport fire suppression systems that Lifeline manufacture are FIA homologated, so what are the options available to you as a competitor...


What are the Latest Regulations for Motorsport Fire Extinguishers in the UK?

Up until 01/01/2018 the MSA was unique in that the service of the plumbed in fire suppression systems was only ever a recommendation, anyone who has h...


Changes to the new spec systems compared to the old?

At the start of 2018, in line with a required re-homologation with the FIA, Lifeline refreshed all of it’s range of Fire suppression systems.


How do I go about getting My Lifeline Fire Extinguisher serviced?

All Lifeline systems and hand held extinguishers must be returned to Lifeline or one of its agents every two years for a service - click here for a li...


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