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    The future of motorsport is electric and this the future of electric fire suppression.

    The competitive arena of motorsports is often used as a proving ground for emerging technologies and EV/Hybrid powertrains are a key area of research in the global effort towards sustainable mobility. Lifeline has again risen to this challenge to develop a system that enhances competitor safety, with the launch of its latest 8865-2015 system the Zero EV.


    Zero EV 8865-2015

    Zero EV

    Having undertaken a rigorous development program, which far surpassed the requirements set out by the FIA, the Zero EV is one of the most technologically advanced suppression systems available today. The system meets the requirements of the FIA Article 253 - 18.23. for use of a non-conductive suppressant, approving its use in Hybrid and Electric Vehicles.

    In another first to the sector and further cementing its credentials as a suppression system for the future, Zero EV has also been successfully tested against the latest generation of Biofuels.

    Every gram has been accounted for during its design with a level of attention to detail not seen in the sector before. Using just one nozzle in the cockpit and two in the engine bay, complexity and weight have been kept to a minimum without compromising on performance and safety.

    Kit Includes

    Description Part Number Quantity
    10mm Equal T Connector  952-410-001 1
    10mm to 8mm Reducer 952-410-033 2
    Waterproof Switches 942-100-004 2
    Petal Nozzle 955-300-025 1
    Engine Nozzle - Twin Slot 955-300-012 2
    Control Box Lead 943-101-044 1
    Extinguisher Lead 943-101-005 1
    Tube - 8mm - 3m Length 951-101-023 1
    Tube - 10mm - 6m Length 951-101-020 1
    Control Box 941-000-040 1
    Bracket and Straps – Zero EV 920-100-055-FIA 1

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