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    Armoured vehicle, Underbody fire suppression

    Designed to be easy to install, robust and cost effective

    The Lifeline Underbody System prides a simple solution for security vehicles requiring protection from fuel fires burning underneath them. Easy to install on new build and retrofit vehicles, each cylinder has enough nozzles for a single axle.

    This is the perfect choice for all underbody fire suppression applications for example:

    • Security/Humanitarian Vehicle
    • Heavy Goods Vehicle
    • Armoured Vehicle

    Underbody Fire Suppression

    Using Purple K powder, which provides more than twice the fire protection of sodium bicarbonate based powder suppressants on Class B fuel fires. Individual nozzles are protected from dirt ingress with a simple duck-bill valve that opens instantly on discharge of the cylinder. In addition to this robust design of cylinder components ensure this cylinder is ready for any environment.

    Thy alloy cylinder is supplied with Motorsport Specification Bracket and straps that allow for and easy installation into any vehicle. Once discharge the bottle can be easily removed to be sent back for refill, a spare bottle is easily plumbed in to ensure no downtime in vehicle running.

    The image on the right indicates a typical set up but bespoke configurations are available for more information


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    Lifeline Underbody Fire Suppression System

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