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    Small Enclosure Systems

    Non-Conductive, Cost effective and reduced machine downtime

    Lifeline's expertise lies in the design, manufacture and installation of industrial fire protection systems and they pride themselves on producing safe, non-toxic systems that are environmentally acceptable for a diverse range of industrial applications. All Lifeline's fire suppression installations are made to the highest standards of quality and design.

    Applying lessons learnt in the white heat of Motorsport competition, where solutions to problems must be solved in hours, not weeks, Lifeline are now developing systems to bring a higher level of safety to the world of commerce.

    Suitable for many applications Including

    • CNC machines,

    • Test cabinets

    • Any small volume static enclosures.

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    The Lifeline Small Enclosure System is for use in equipment enclosures of between 0.5-5m3. The system is modular to allow for easy customer specification of the original system and expansion or purchase of spare parts in the future.The most basic configuration requires no external power source, only the replacement of the battery every year on service. A single cylinder provides enough suppressant for a maximum protected volume of 2.5m3, adding a second cylinder and link kit provides enough suppressant for a maximum protected volume of 5m3. The system uses 3M Novec 1230 clean agent suppressant to leave no residue in the event of an accidental discharge and provides excellent fire knock down and suppression capabilities in combination with Lifelines high discharge rate twin slot nozzles. 

    Activation of the system is either manual or with automatic activation using either Protectowire or UVIR2 detectors and service intervals are every year. To reduce downtime on the equipment being protected Lifeline can provide a fresh bottle on a simple exchange basis if required.

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