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    Revolutionising single-seater fire safety with its lightweight, fast-acting, and compact design.

    Maintaining our long standing tradition of being first to market, Lifeline, is again, the first to homologate and bring to market the latest FIA standard 8876-2022, fire suppression system for open cockpit vehicles, homologation number FS.001.23. Launching the Zero 175 reaffirms Lifeline’s position as the market leader, setting the benchmark for lightness, safety and quality.


    Zero 175

    Utilising our patented discharge technology from the Zero 275 Lifeline, the system is able to efficiently use suppressant material keeping weight to an absolute minimum. Innovative new nozzle designs result in rapid discharge, quickly knocking down fires in the engine bay, side pods and cockpit. By using just one nozzle in the cockpit, one in the engine bay and two in the sidepods, the system has been designed to prevent the spread of fire forwards through the car. A threat the FIA specifically designed 8876-2022 to address.

    Knowing that these cars are some of the lightest and fastest in the sport, the Zero 175 installation kit has been kept high quality and to a minimum. This allows for a simple, lightweight and professional installation. With an intelligent control box, status of the system is available to the driver at the push of a button.

    The Zero 175 again pushes the envelope by making motorsports safety lighter, better and faster.

    Kit Includes

    Description Part Number Quantity
    8mm Equal T Connector Steel 952-408-001 1
    8mm Bulkhead Fitting 952-408-002 4
    8mm 4 Way Equal Cross Connector 952-408-007 1
    Waterproof Switches 942-100-004 2
    Zero 175 – Nozzle 955-300-028 4
    Extinguisher Lead 943-101-005 1
    Control Box Lead 943-101-044 1
    Tube - 8mm - 6m Length 951-101-019 1
    Control Box 941-000-040 1
    Bracket and Straps – Zero 175 920-100-057-FIA 1

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    8876-2022 Fire Extinguisher
    Zero 175 8876-2022