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    Armoured vehicle, Crew fire suppression

    Lifeline have successfully transferred all the lessons learnt in the Motorsport environment to our military systems, through several award wining programs systems have been developed further and ruggedized for increased durability. Lifeline are confident that we can offer the best tested, fastest acting and most effective multi-occupant vehicle fire suppression systems available globally.

    The core of the system; used on the UK MOD Foxhound and Warrior platforms is well suited to vehicle manufactures looking to offer a high level of fire protection to occupants. The compression discharge cylinder, which can be mounted in any orientation, uses clean agent suppressant Novec 1230 in combination with a remote cartridge to provide super-pressurization and discharge the cylinder in well under one second.


    Crew Compartment Fire Suppression

    The system delivers Novec 1230 Extinguishant directly to the Crew Compartment via a fixed or remote nozzle, combined with manual or automatic activation, the system deploys to flood-fill the engine bay area of the vehicle, the systems are modular and can be wired in series to ensure the correct concentration is reached safely protecting troops.


    Systems use clean agent suppressants in a variety of cylinder sizes to suit the application. Once the crew area volume is known Lifeline will specify the cylinder size to give maximum fire protection without exceeding NOAEL and LOAEL values specified in JSP418. In unoccupied areas, such as the engine bay, more suppressant can be used to help account for any losses through panel gaps, service tubes etc.

    Suppressant Mass Volume Protected
    3 Kg 2.3-4m3
    2 Kg 1.6-2.3m3



    High speed UVIR2 detectors in the crew area detect a fire in 27ms and have advanced processing algorithms to distinguish between a real fire and a false alarm. To provide greater protection against false alarms we always recommend the use of two detectors connected in a double knock configuration. Engine bay detection is provided by Protectowire, in a range of temperatures.

    Crew Compartment Fire Suppression

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