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    High Quality Steel

    Lifeline Manufactures these towing eyes from high quality stainless steel to offer a breaking strain in excess of 2 tons.

    Conforming to section Q 19.1.3 in the Motorsport UK Yearbook they are high quality, easy to install and high contrast tags makes them easy to see.

    MSA Towing Eye

    Towing Eyes

    Designed to allow the passage of a 60mm cylinder through the eye Lifeline's MSA towing eyes have a breaking strain in excess of 2 tons.

    Available in 2 sizes 250mm and 300mm and 2 different high contrast colours, both come with a florescent tags so that they can be quickly identified. 

    470-000-001 Towing Eye - 250mm - Red Loop
    470-000-002 Towing Eye - 250mm - Yellow Loop
    470-000-003 Towing Eye - 300mm - Red Loop
    470-000-004 Towing Eye - 300mm - Yellow Loop
    470-000-005 Pair of Towing Eyes - 250mm - Red Loop
    470-000-006 Pair of Towing Eyes - 250mm - Yellow Loop
    470-000-007 Pair of Towing Eyes - 300mm - Red Loop
    470-000-008 Pair of Towing Eyes - 300mm - Yellow Loop


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    MSA Towing Eyes

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