How do I get My Lifeline Fire Extinguisher serviced?

on February 24, 2019 General

To be complaint with current Motorsport regulations plumbed in and hand held extinguishers must be returned every two years for a service - click here for a list of service agents in your local area. The latest Motorsport regulations can be found on the FIA's website here and here if you are looking for the UK's latest regulations you can get them from Motorsport UK.

Before returning the cylinder please read this System Care, Maintenance and Servicing Technical Bulletin. This bulletin has information on service acceptance criteria as well as some good information on how to keep your system correctly maintained. Please note if your system does not meet the requirements laid out in the bulletin it may be rejected from service!

CD Detial

It is also good practice when returning your cylinder for a service/refill to ensure that you send it back on some form of recorded delivery and enclose some daytime contact details. You only need to return the cylinder, to remove the bottle simply pull the collets back on the cylinders outlet and remove the tubing. 

Lifeline Cylinder RemovalPull the collets on the outlet back to release, then pull the tubing out.

Lifeline strongly recommends that you use it's global network of service agents to have your bottle serviced. Each agent has completed a training course and works from Lifeline's standard procedures ensuring that you receive a high quality service wherever you choose.

Lifeline is not able to service or refill extinguishers produced by any other manufacturer.

Find your local agent here


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