Changes to the new spec systems compared to the old?

on February 24, 2019 General

At the start of 2018, in line with a required re-homologation with the FIA, Lifeline refreshed all of it’s range of Fire suppression systems.


For Zero 2000

There is a change in nozzles count (increase from 4 to 8), there is change in tubing size from 10mm to 8mm (now every lifeline system runs on 8mm tubing instead of 3 different sizes) and the cylinder is now 3 times stronger than the previous generations with no increase in weight. The result is a more efficient and capable fire suppression system that is ready for any motorsport application.

For Zero 360

The main change is a reduction in nozzle count, by using different nozzle technology we can now off all Zero 360 systems with a reduced installation kit when compared with previous generations. This means that when compared to previous generations we can now offer a lighter and less complex product suitable for professional motorsport applications.


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