What extinguisher system would you recommend for my race car?

on February 24, 2019 General

All of the Motorsport fire suppression systems that Lifeline manufacture are FIA homologated, so what are the options available to you as a competitor?


Zero 2000

Great for:

  • Saloon Cars 
  • Rally Cars

The Zero 2000 series is the entry into Lifeline's range of Motorsport fire suppression systems, filled with AFFF they are cost effective and now with Lifeline’s latest development in misting nozzles technology are more effective than ever at knocking fires down.


Motorsport ExtinguisherZero 2000 Fire Marshal Mechanical


The Zero 2000 Fire Marshal Mechanical is the most popular system Lifeline manufactures, using four nozzles in the engine bay and four in the cockpit it is activated by pulling one of the two pull chords supplied with the kit.

If you prefer electrical operation the Zero 2000 Electric still uses the same AFFF suppressant and nozzle technology but is operated via push buttons. This gives a weight and space saving benefit over the mechanical system. The Zero 2000 Electric is widely used by professional Motorsport teams around the world.



Zero 360

Great for:

  • Saloon Cars 
  • Rally Cars (3.0Kg System Only)
  • Sports Cars
  • Single Seaters

Lifeline's Zero 360 series are some of the most compact, advanced and lightweight race car extinguisher systems available. Using Novec 1230 TM as a suppressant means that there is no clean up after use, no damage or interference with electrical components and a high level of protection.


Race Car Extinguisher

Zero 360 Electric


The Zero 360 electric is commonly found in the world of professional Motorsports including the entire BTCC, Formula E and LMP2 grid, this compact and lightweight cylinder is well suited to the requirements of high level competition. Using three nozzles in the engine bay and two in the cockpit the Zero 360's simple kit reduces both weight and complexity. The 2.25Kg capacity system caters for all circuit cars and a 3.0Kg capacity system meets the FIA's requirements for rally cars.

The advanced Zero 360 series are also available to competitors who are on a budget, the 2.25Kg and 3.0Kg systems are both available with Mechanical operation. Compared to the electrical version competitors will save around 40% and when compared to the Zero 2000 Mechanical they are about half the weight!

If you are interested in purchasing one of Lifeline's Motorsport plumbed in fire extinguisher systems you can find a list of dealers here


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