What are the Latest Regulations for Motorsport Fire Extinguishers in the UK?

on February 24, 2019 General

Up until 01/01/2018 the MSA was unique in that the service of the plumbed in fire suppression systems was only ever a recommendation, anyone who has had the opportunity to race on the continent will know that this is not the case and 2 yearly services are widely enforced in Europe.

Enforcing mandatory services is first step by the MSA is part of the phasing in of FIA homologated fire suppression systems. From 01/01/2019 all new vehicles will require and FIA Homologated system from FIA technical list 16 or 52 and from 01/01/2022 all vehicles are required to be fitted with such a system. In anticipation of this all manufactures of MSA type systems have ceased manufacture of this type of system.


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